(Fall / Winter / Spring)

If your non-profit organization is looking for fund raising opportunities, possibly we can help!

(Before inquiring using link at page bottom: PLEASE review the general requirements/terms below.)

Pre-Requisites & general eligibility/terms:

Non-profit organizations (restrictions apply)* which benefit the community we live in. (NH: Lakes Region to Jackson & ME: Fryburg to Parsonsfield & surrounding communities.)

Availability extended to local families & municipalities wishing to organize events to raise awareness & proceeds for both regional & nationwide causes. All events must be affiliated with publicly recognized institutions/organizations including "first responders" & school systems. ~ Funds generated will be paid in check form & made out to name of organization/cause.

Weekday afternoons/evenings Mon. thru Thu. & Sun. evening during the non-summer months. Fund raisers become "Special-Ops" events with special terms. (NO HOURLY ARENA FEES.) We encourage allowing "Walk-Ins" (for higher turnouts), but that's entirely under your control.

Event must be registered & approved at least 30 days in advance. (Restrictions apply & times available subject to change.)

It's up to your team to organize & promote the event. We provide Speedway staff & our laser tag facility. (Afterwards, we donate a portion of gross laser tag session revenues depending on turnout. Higher turnouts result in higher percentages. (Tiered) ~ Proceed check is made out in the name of organization.

We'll help get the word out by promoting the event on our social media pages. But the event must be "publicly marketed" in media & organized by your team. Event must be sponsored/endorced by a "recognized" organization/cause. (Concession sales, novelties & video game revenues excluded.)

All rights reserved. Pre-arranged 3'rd party food services (pizza & sub catering) is available during certain times. Soft drinks, ice-cream & snacks (including self-serve nachos & heated pretzels) now available at all times.

No political events! We reserve the right to approve/disapprove any event withotut explanation.