FUN FOR AGES 6* & UP! Encorporating a professional tactical training system, the Orb-Zone is an evolving gaming/competition platform featuring a networked array of digital targets, "blaster-benches", sound effects & scoring! Test/build skills & compete against others on an array of professional grade digital targets & game formats. Each session consists of multiple challenging mini-games custom tailored to the number of participants.

Our Orb-Zone is the FIRST of it's kind in the entertainment industry! (using this professional grade targeting/scoring system) And this is only the beginning! SEASON #1 (SUMMER 2024) We're starting out with really cool "sci-fi" gel ball (aka "splatter ball") equipment (tethered to "blasting-benches") so that everyone will want to join in the fun! (95% water "orbs" & digital targets only) *Juniors can participate alongside a parent. (similar to go-karting requirements)

Gel balls (95% water) are tiny starch pellets that swell when hydrated & weigh only of a gram. (They're non-toxic & environmentally friendly/biodegradable "orbs" that literally disintegrate once used.) 😎 FYI: This outdoor venue is notably LESS weather dependent than karting! 😎 (Digital targets are undercover & "blasting-benches" are under canopy.) Please note: This is a 👣 "Walk-In"👣 only venue!